Elder Law

Our firm most works primarily on the areas around elder law: Estate Planning; Medicaid Planning; Trusts, and Veterans issues. Elder law clients can be of two populations: seniors and caregivers or the family of those with developmental disabilities. Our firm believes in a holistic approach to the practice of elder law and can begin years in advance with Estate Planning. We want to be on this journey so you can enjoy this time of your life and not be worried. As such, our firm understands that elder law counsel means more than just careful planning and legal advocacy, but also involves counseling, education, and being a resource throughout the aging process of our clients.

Additionally, we will make sure you are prepared for life-care planning for aging, illness, or incapacity, such as:

  • advance directives (living will);

  • lifetime planning;

  • family issues;

  • fiduciary representation;

  • capacity issues (Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Parkinson’s);

  • guardianship and guardianship advocates (for minors, adults, and people with developmental disabilities);

  • power of attorney;

  • financial planning;

  • public benefits (Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits) and insurance (Medicare);

  • resident rights in long-term care facilities;

  • housing opportunities and financing;

  • employment and retirement matters;

  • income, estate, and gift tax matters;

  • estate planning (wills and trusts);

  • probate;

  • nursing home claims;

  • elder abuse;

  • age or disability discrimination; and

  • grandparents’ rights.  

If you are ready to work on your estate or life care plan, or you are a caregiver of a senior or disabled person, we are here for you. Schedule an appointment directly on our website, call our office toll-free at 1-800-368-8449, or email us at contact@emertlawoffice.com.

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